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FeCl3 PCB etchant

Model: TD-FeCl3
  FeCl3 PCB Etching Agent Description: Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) For PCB Etching Agent  500 gms Pack WARNING: Making PCB's requires the use of Ferric Chloride (FeCI3) which is corrosive, avoid skin and eye contact.Use glasses, gloves and protective overalls. If you do get any on you..
₹ 270.00
Model: TD-GPPR
  Toner Transfer Paper Description: Brand new and high quality. Note: Use only laser printer to print on "Toner Transfer Paper". Print the PCB map on smooth side of the paper, hit the smooth side, apply to the copper, and iron into the machine or rapid transfer to pl..
₹ 15.00
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