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01 Apr Which Raspberry pi should I buy?
Anthony 0 9
Which Raspberry pi should I buy?Raspberry Pi comes in quite a few models but only a few current-gen models are worth consideringMore about Raspberry p..
01 Nov DHT11 vs DHT22
Amar 1 1054
DHT11 and DHT22  are both temperature and humidity sensors, then what’s the difference between the two? Let’s go through the important differences and..
02 Aug Understanding Breadboard
Akhbar 0 85
What is Breadboard ? A Breadboard or a Test-board, Protoboard or Plug-board is a testing board used for testing of circuits before implementing them ..
02 Aug Types of PCB Micro Drills
Amitabh 0 1005
Drill machines are wide used for various streams. For drilling, tips are hard metal which are pointed for digging of perfect track. Drill machines var..
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