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Desolder Wick Oswal Roll
  Desoldering Wick - Quality Desolder wick for efficient desoldering. Used for desolderi..
Rs. 20.00
Desoldering Pump - Oswal
  Oswal Desoldering Pump DESOLDERING is the process of removing soldered components from ..
Rs. 85.00 Rs. 75.00
EXCELL POWER Nickel Plated Pointed Bit For 25 Watt Soldering Iron
  EXCELL POWER BRAND - Soldering Iron Tip Pointed Tip/Bit (25W) Generally used for m..
Rs. 40.00 Rs. 35.00
Solder Wire - 5 Grams - Modify Quantity x 8 for 40 Grams Pack for Rs.88
  Solder Wire - 5 grams Quality Solder wire for efficient soldering. Specificatio..
Rs. 12.00
Soldering Iron - 8Watt, 220V AC (Pointed Microtip) - OSWAL BRAND
  Specially Made for Miniature Work Soldering Iron 8Watt, 220V AC (Pointed tip) - Hi..
Rs. 135.00 Rs. 120.00
Soldering Iron - Oswal 25Watt, 220V AC (Normal tip) - High Quality
  Soldering Iron branded Oswal 25Watt, 220V AC (Point tip) Description: Generally used..
Rs. 115.00
  Soldering Iron - Oswal 35Watt, 220V AC (Normal tip) - Premium Quality Description: G..
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 285.00
Soldering Iron Heating Element - Oswal 25Watt, 220V AC
  Soldering Iron Heating Element for replacement (25Watt, 220V AC) Description: Genera..
Rs. 50.00 Rs. 40.00
Soldering Iron Stand - Average Qualty Oswal Box Packed
  Soldering Iron Stand - Oswal This is a stable well supported metal base soldering ..
Rs. 89.00 Rs. 60.00
Soldering Iron Stand - High Qualty Oswal Box Packed
  Soldering Iron Stand - Oswal Steel made spring This is a stable well supported metal ba..
Rs. 99.00 Rs. 80.00
Soldering Paste (Flux)
  Soldering Paste (Flux) Generally used for most of the components soldering. Good Qualit..
Rs. 10.00
Tweezer Straight - Components holder - Electronics work
  Tweezer Striaght New Original Slim Pointy Straight Extra Fine Point Tweezer for holding..
Rs. 20.00
Wire Cutter & Stripper - EGO [High Quality]
  Wire Cutter & Stripper [High Quality - EGO] Generally used for stripping wire's PVC..
Rs. 60.00
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