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8051 Learning Board

8051 Development Board


8051 Development Board a must have for 8051 learners, experiment different circuits, develop and prototype with any of 8051 (P89V51RD2, AT89S52, AT89C51, ... etc.) 40 pin microcontrollers.

On board serial RS232 port allows easy connection with PC or other embedded hardware (Easy to flash P89V51RD2 with flash magic tool).

On Board ICSP port allows other programmers to connect and program IC's like AT89S51, AT89S52, ...etc. without removing the controller from board.


  • RS232 Tx, Rx interface with MAX232 IC on socket
  • DIL40 ZIF Socket (Zero Insertion Force) microcontroller socket - To Reduce Microcontroller Damages
  • ULN 2803 To Drive Stepper Motor & Relays
  • Quartz crystall 11.0592Mhz
  • Reset button
  • Power plug-in jack
  • Extension slot on every Microcontroller pin
  • GND terminals
  • Vcc terminals

Programmer Compatibility: USB ASP ISP Programmer for ATMEL AVR-ATMega-ATTiny-51 with FRC Cable

Other Features:

  • Flash 89v51RD2 directly through RS232 using Flash magic software
  • On board Regulated Power Supply 5v, 12v supply
  • Testing made easy with male berg connecters on each signal out
  • Serial Port for ISP
  • An RS232 Serial Port
  • 7 Segment Mulitplexed Display
  • DC Power Supply Connector (12v AC or DC)
  • Interface For 16x2 LCD Display
  • On board EEPROM 24Cxx
  • On board Real Time Controller DS1307
  • 8 LED array
  • 4x4 Matrix Keypad

Package Contains:

  • 8051 Development Board (with MAX232, RTC1307, 24C02, ULN2003)
  • Female to Female connecting wires- 20 pieces
  • Software CD (Flash Magic, Data sheets, Example Porograms, Manual, Keil)

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