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  27MM MYLAR MINI SPEAKER 0.25W 8OHM - Small yet powerful General Description   Good performance, generally used for all types of audio projects. Mylar diaphragm speaker for replacement use in Telephones, Headphones Intercoms and also suitable where moisture is present.   Feature..
₹ 18.55
Model: TD-MIC
  CZN-15E Omnidirectional Electret Condenser Microphone -62+/-2dB Best choice for project use. Features:  Sensitivity: -62±2dB (0dB=1V/pa,1KHz)  Impedance: Low impedance  Directivity: Omnidirectional  Frequency: 20-16,000Hz  Voltage range: 1.5V-10V  Standard o..
₹ 20.00
  Electromagnetic Buzzer Size 12x9.5mm 5V to 12V 85dB 2300Hz General Description:   Good performance, general purpose buzzer used commonly in alerting / alarming circuits, rever horn and kids toys etc.. This is an external buzzer which Operates in range of voltage (3V to 1..
₹ 20.00
ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module With Mic Sound Audio Loudspeaker
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Model: TD-ISD1820
  ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module Descriptions: Main chip: ISD1820 Size: 38.5 x 42.8mm Operating voltage: DC 3~5V Features: Easy to use 10 second voice recording and playback. High quality, natural voice restore. Can be used as a megaphone module. With loop play, jog pla..
₹ 215.00 ₹ 299.00
Speaker - 0.5Watt (8 Ohm) 65MM Speaker - 0.5Watt (8 Ohm) 65MM
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Model: TD-SPKR8
  Speaker 8 Ohm / 0.5W - High Quality Sound General Description:   Good performance, generally used for all types of audio projects. A small audio speaker that is ideal for radio and amplifier projects and is small enough to fit in robot projects. Features:   ..
₹ 49.00 ₹ 69.00
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