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Heat Shrink Tube 4 MM Diameter (1 Meter) imported WOER

Heat Shrink Tube 4 MM Diameter (1 Meter) imported WOER
Heat Shrink Tube 4 MM Diameter (1 Meter) imported WOER
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Heat shrink tubing, also known as heat shrink tube or heat shrink sleeve, is a type of plastic tubing that shrinks in size when heat is applied to it. It is commonly used for electrical insulation, cable protection, and bundling wires or cables together.

Heat shrink tubing is made from various materials such as polyolefin, PVC, or fluoropolymer. It typically comes in a cylindrical shape with a larger diameter before heat is applied. When heat is applied, the tubing shrinks in diameter and conforms tightly around the object it is covering.

The main purpose of heat shrink tubing is to provide insulation and protection for electrical connections. When heated, the tubing forms a tight seal around the wires, providing electrical insulation and protection against moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and mechanical stress. It helps prevent short circuits, wire fraying, and corrosion.

In addition to insulation, heat shrink tubing can also be used for cable identification and organization. It is available in various colors, allowing you to color-code wires for easier identification and troubleshooting.

To use heat shrink tubing, you typically slide the tubing over the wire or cable before making the connection. Once the connection is made, you apply heat to the tubing using a heat gun, lighter, or other heat sources. The tubing then shrinks and conforms tightly around the wire or cable.


  • Temperature Range: -55 to 135 degree centigrade.
  • Easy to use.
  • High Shrink to 2MM.
  • Electrical Insulation.
  • Strain Relief.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Splice Sealing.
  • Mechanical Protection.
  • Wire Bundling.
  • Identification.
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