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555 Timer LED Dimmer Circuit Kit

555 Timer LED Dimmer Circuit Kit
555 Timer LED Dimmer Circuit Kit
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555 Timer LED Dimmer Circuit Kit


Typically current is controlled using a resistor in series with the LED, or a current regulator circuit. Supplying more current to an LED increases its intensity, and reducing the current decreases its intensity. One way of dimming an LED is to use a variable resistor (potentiometer) to dynamically adjust the current getting to the LED and therefore increasing or decreasing its intensity. This works very well when just one LED bulb is involved. Unfortunately, all LEDs are not made equal - even those of nominally identical specifications from the same batch from the same manufacturer.

Pulse Width Modulation:  A far superior method of dimming LEDs is to use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). With PWM strings of LED bulbs can all be driven with the recommended forward current, with the dimming achieved by turning the LEDs on and off at high frequency - so fast the human eye cannot see the strobing effect.

Kit Contains:

  • 555 Timer IC = 1
  • Pin IC Base = 1
  • Other Components - Capacitors, Resistors, ...
  • Wire For Speaker = 1
  • Battery Cap = 1
  • Jumper Wire
  • Perforated PCB = 1
  • Tutorial Page (Circuit Diagram, Working, ...)
  1. Soldering skills reqiured.
  2. Prior knowledge of Electronics required. 
  3. Kits are tested from our end therefore, we do not guarantee for non working of any project kit from Customer end. 
  4. Returns are not acceptable for Project-Kits. Please refer "Terms and Conditions"
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