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Voltage Regulator Assorted Kit 7-Types 7-Pieces
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Model: TD-AKVoR7
  Voltage Regulator Assorted Kit 7-Types 7-Pieces Description: Kit consists of pieces different types of Voltage Regulators in TO-220 packages.  Wide variety of 7 types of Variable, Positive and Negative Voltage Regulators. Values:  LM317 x 1pcs. LM..
₹ 99.55 ₹ 109.00
Wind Mill DIY Kit Wind Mill DIY Kit
-33 %
Model: TD-PKM9
  Wind Mill DIY Kit Description: Best DIY kit for understanding how wind energy works. This circuit is recommended for students and hobbyists as it teaches the basic concept of wind enery turbines and the working principle of energy convertion from wind to electricity. It is a very interest..
₹ 199.00 ₹ 299.00
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