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  27mm Brass Piezo Discs with 3 contacts Description: These are perfect for constructing contact mics, CBG pickups, touch-sensors, drum triggers, speakers, buzzers, etc ​Picture Illustration: (comparision)   Note: The 3rd lead is Feedback Electrode (Hartley Oscillator..
₹ 15.00
Model: TD-MIC
  CZN-15E Omnidirectional Electret Condenser Microphone -62+/-2dB Best choice for project use. Features:  Sensitivity: -62±2dB (0dB=1V/pa,1KHz)  Impedance: Low impedance  Directivity: Omnidirectional  Frequency: 20-16,000Hz  Voltage range: 1.5V-10V  Standard o..
₹ 20.00
  Electromagnetic Buzzer Size 12x9.5mm 5V to 9V 85dB 2300Hz General Description:   Good performance, general purpose buzzer used commonly in alerting / alarming circuits, rever horn and kids toys etc.. This is an external buzzer which Operates in range of voltage (3V to 9V upto 70..
₹ 20.00
ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module With Mic Sound Audio Loudspeaker
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Model: TD-ISD1820
  ISD1820 Voice Recorder Module Descriptions: Main chip: ISD1820 Size: 38.5 x 42.8mm Operating voltage: DC 3~5V Features: Easy to use 10 second voice recording and playback. High quality, natural voice restore. Can be used as a megaphone module. With loop play, jog play, single play fun..
₹ 245.00 ₹ 299.00
PAM8403 Mini Digital Audio Amplifier Board 5V USB Power 2-Channels 3W Class D
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Model: TD-PAM8403
  PAM8403 Mini Digital Audio Amplifier Board 5V USB Power 2-Channels 3W Class D ​Description: The PAM8403 module is a miniature digital 2x3w class D power amplifier board, which can also work on USB power supply. It has good noise suppression when the input audio is via a sheilded wire. When..
₹ 119.00 ₹ 199.00
RDA5807M FM Stereo Radio Module RRD-102 V2.0 Wireless Pro for Arduino Tuner RDA5807M FM Stereo Radio Module RRD-102 V2.0 Wireless Pro for Arduino Tuner
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  RDA5807M RRD-102V2.0 Stereo Radio Module ​Description: The RDA5807M series is the newest generation single-chip broadcast FM stereo radio tuner with fully integrated synthesizer, IF selectivity, RDS/RBDS and MPX decoder. The tuner uses the CMOS process, support multi-interface and require ..
₹ 135.00 ₹ 150.00
Speaker - 0.5Watt (8 Ohm) 65MM Speaker - 0.5Watt (8 Ohm) 65MM
-29 %
Model: TD-SPKR8
  Speaker 8 Ohm / 0.5W - High Quality Sound General Description:   Good performance, generally used for all types of audio projects. A small audio speaker that is ideal for radio and amplifier projects and is small enough to fit in robot projects. Features:   ..
₹ 49.00 ₹ 69.00
Model: TD-TEA5767
  TEA5767 Programmable Low-power FM Module Stereo Radio Module ​Description: This stereo FM radio module is made using TEA5767, a single chip electronically tuned stereo FM radio for low voltage applications. It has fully integrated Intermediate Frequency (IF) selectivity and FM demodu..
₹ 155.00 ₹ 165.00
Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module HC-SR04
-55 %
Model: TD-USR04
  Ultra Sonic Distance Sensor Module HC-SR04 Description: This ultrasonic sensor module can be used for measuring distance, object sensor, motion sensors etc. High sensitive module can be used with microcontroller to integrate with motion circuits to make robotic projects and other distance,..
₹ 120.00 ₹ 269.00
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