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01 Apr Which Raspberry pi should I buy?
Anthony 0 1419
Which Raspberry pi should I buy?Raspberry Pi comes in quite a few models but only a few current-gen models are worth consideringMore about Raspberry p..
01 Nov DHT11 vs DHT22
Amar 1 2717
DHT11 and DHT22  are both temperature and humidity sensors, then what’s the difference between the two? Let’s go through the important differences and..
02 Aug Types of PCB Micro Drills
Amitabh 0 2341
Drill machines are wide used for various streams. For drilling, tips are hard metal which are pointed for digging of perfect track. Drill machines var..
15 Sep Understanding Breadboards
Akhbar 0 258
What is Breadboard ?A Breadboard or a Test-board, Protoboard or Plug-board is a testing board used for testing of circuits before implementing them p..
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