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30A Range Current Sensor Module ACS712 30A Range Current Sensor Module ACS712
New -25 %
Model: TD-CSEN
The 30A range Current Sensor Module ACS712 consists of a precise, low-offset, linear Hall circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the die. Applied current flowing through this copper conduction path generates a magnetic field in which the Hall IC converts into a proportiona..
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ADXL335 Module 3-axis Analog Output Accelerometer Angular Transducer
Out Of Stock
Model: TD-ADXL335
ADXL 335 Description: The ADXL335 is a small, thin, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs. The product measures acceleration with a minimum full-scale range of ±3 g. It can measure the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well a..
₹ 220.00
Dual XY Axis JoyStick Module
-54 %
Model: TD-JOYS
  JoyStick Module for Arduino, 8051, ARM Projects This great little joystick is the perfect companion to your Arduino or other Microcontroller based project. This module combines two potentiometers and a pushbutton switch into a solid mechanical package with an ergonomic thumb dome. Perfe..
₹ 69.00 ₹ 150.00
Model: TD-A3144
  Hall Effect Sensor - A3144 A Hall effect sensor is a transducer that varies its output voltage in response to a magnetic field. Hall effect sensors are used for proximity switching, positioning, speed detection, and current sensing applications. In its simplest form, the sensor operates..
₹ 30.00
Heart Rate Pulse Sensor Module Heart Rate Pulse Sensor Module
New -28 %
Model: TD-HEART1
Heart Rate data can be used in many Electronic design and micro-controller projects. But the heart rate data is difficult to read, however, the Pulse Sensor Amped help us to read heart rate. The Heart Beat Pulse Sensor Amped is a plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino.It can be used by students..
₹ 215.00 ₹ 299.00
The M274 360 Degree Rotary Encoder Module Brick Sensor is a rotary input device (as in knob) that provides an indication of how much the knob has been rotated AND what direction it is rotating in. It’s a great device for stepper and servo motor control.  You could also use it to control devices..
₹ 89.00
Magnetic Sensor Switch Module Electronic Brick
-44 % Out Of Stock
  Magnetic Sensor Switch Module Electronic Brick An electronic brick is an electronic module which can be assembled like Lego bricks simply by plugging in and pulling out. Compared to traditional universal boards and circuit modules assembled with various electronic components, electronic bri..
₹ 225.00 ₹ 399.00
MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Sensor Module MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Sensor Module
New -56 %
Model: TD-HEART0
MAX30100 is an integrated pulse oximeter and heart-rate monitor sensor solution. It’s an optical sensor that derives its readings from emitting two wavelengths of light from two LEDs – a red and an infrared one – then measuring the absorbance of pulsing blood through a photodetector. This pa..
₹ 199.00 ₹ 449.00
MPU-6050 Module MPU6050 3 Axis analog gyro sensors+ 3 Axis Accelerometer Module
-24 %
Model: TD-MPU6050
Gyro+Accelerometer Sensor, 3 Axis based on MPU-6050 The MPU-6050 is a serious little piece of motion processing tech! By combining a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) capable of processing complex 9-a..
₹ 170.00 ₹ 225.00
Real Time Clock DS1307 RTC I2C Module AT24C32 for Arduino Real Time Clock DS1307 RTC I2C Module AT24C32 for Arduino
New -22 %
Model: TD-RTC
Along with the DS1307 real-time clock, the module also has an Atmel 24C32 EEPROM chip which is handy for storing data without worrying about power loss. There is also space on the board to solder your own DS18B20 temperature sensor. This is Tiny RTC Real Time Clock DS1307 I2C IIC Module for..
₹ 69.00 ₹ 89.00
Reed Switch Magnetic Controlled 2*14mm Normally Open Magnetic Induction Switch
-17 % Out Of Stock
  This is a small device called a reed switch. When the device is exposed to a magnetic field, the two ferrous materials inside the switch pull together and the switch closes. When the magnetic field is removed, the reeds separate and the switch opens. This makes for a great non-contact swit..
₹ 25.00 ₹ 30.00
Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor for Arduino/8051/ARM Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor for Arduino/8051/ARM
-60 %
  Soil Hygrometer Humidity Detection Module Moisture Water Sensor for Arduino Description: This is a simple water sensor, can be used to detect soil moisture. Module Output is high level when the soil moisture deficit or output is low. Can be used in module plant waterer device, and th..
₹ 109.00 ₹ 275.00
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