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BC574 8-Million Gain DIY Kit

BC574 8-Million Gain DIY Kit
BC574 8-Million Gain DIY Kit
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BC574 8-Million Gain Circuit Kit


Fun and Easy to make DIY Circuits For Students And Hobbyist.
This circuit is so sensitive it will detect "mains hum."  Simply move it across any wall and it will detect where the mains cable is located.
It has a gain of about 200 x 200 x 200 = 8,000,000 and will also detect static electricity and the presence of your hand without any direct contact.
You will be amazed what it detects! There is static electricity EVERYWHERE! The input of this circuit is classified as very high impedance.
This circuit has a high educational value, because uses the basic concept of amplification, which is the basic job of a transistor.

Kit Contains:

  • BC547 Transitors = 3
  • LED = 1
  • Other Components - Capacitors, Resistors, ...
  • Battery Cap = 1
  • Jumper Wire
  • Perforated PCB = 1
  • Tutorial Page (Circuit Diagram, Working, ...)
  1. Soldering skills reqiured.
  2. Prior knowledge of Electronics required. 
  3. Kits are tested from our end therefore, we do not guarantee for non working of any project kit from Customer end. 
  4. Returns are not acceptable for Project-Kits. Please refer "Terms and Conditions"
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