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Model: TD-PIC16F84
  PIC16F84A - 18-pin Enhanced FLASH/EEPROM 8-bit Microcontroller High Performance RISC CPU Features Only 35 single word instructions to learn All instructions single-cycle except for program branches which are two-cycle Operating speed: DC - 20 MHz clock input DC - 200 ns instruction cycl..
₹ 130.00
Model: TD-PIC16F877
  PIC16F877A - 40 pin Flash 8Kbyte - 4Mhz Microcontroller Specifications 40-pin Low Power Microcontroller Flash Program Memory: 8192 bytes EEPROM Data Memory: 256 bytes SRAM Data Memory: 368 bytes I/O Pins: 33 Timers: Two 8-bit / One 16-bit A/D Converter: 10-bit Eight Channel PWM: Two 10-b..
₹ 180.00
Model: TD-PIC16F88
  PIC16F88 - Microcontroller - 18-pin  Fetures: Special Microcontroller Features 100,000 erase/write cycles Enhanced Flash program memory typical 1,000,000 typical erase/write cycles EEPROM data memory typical Low-Voltage Programming In-circuit Debugging via two pins Programmabl..
₹ 128.05
Model: TD-OP072
  TL072 Low Noise JFET Dual Op-Amp   Features: Low Power Consumption Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges Low Input Bias and Offset Currents Output Short-Circuit Protection Low Total Harmonic Distortion 0.003% Typ Low Noise Vn = 18 nV/√Hz Typ at f = 1 kHz High Input Im..
₹ 20.00
Model: TD-TL431
  TL431 - Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator (Programmable Precision Reference - TL431A) Features Stable Precision 2.5V Reference Programmable Output Voltage to 36V Voltage Reference Tolerance: ±0.4% Low Dynamic Output Impedance Low Output Noise Voltage * Image shown is a represent..
₹ 6.25
Model: TD-UDN2981
  UDN2981 8-Channel Source Drivers Description:   Recommended for high-side switching applications that benefit from separate logic and load grounds, these devices encompass load supply voltages to 80 V and output currents to -500 mA. These 8-channel source drivers are useful for inter..
₹ 80.00
Model: TD-ULN2803
    ULN2803A High-Voltage, High Current Darlington Transistor Arrays Description:   The 8 NPN Darlington connected transistors in this family of arrays are ideally suited for interfacing between low logic level digital circuitry (such as TTL, CMOS or PMOS/NMOS) and the higher cur..
₹ 22.00
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