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12V DC Fan - 3" Brushless Cooling Fan

12V DC Fan - 3" Brushless Cooling Fan
12V DC Fan - 3" Brushless Cooling Fan
12V DC Fan - 3" Brushless Cooling Fan
12V DC Fan - 3" Brushless Cooling Fan
12V DC Fan - 3" Brushless Cooling Fan
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A brush-less cooling fan, also known as a DC brush-less fan, is a type of fan used for cooling electronic components, machinery, or other heat-generating devices. Unlike traditional fans with brushes and commutators, brush-less fans use electronic circuitry to control the rotation of the fan blades.

Key features and characteristics of brush-less cooling fans include:

1. Brush-less Design: Brush-less fans use a brush-less motor configuration, which eliminates the need for brushes and commutators. This design offers several advantages, including reduced mechanical wear, improved reliability, and quieter operation.

2. DC Operation: Brush-less fans are typically designed to be powered by DC (Direct Current) voltage sources.

3. Cooling Performance: Brushless fans are specifically designed for efficient cooling. They feature multiple fan blades that rotate at high speeds to generate airflow and dissipate heat from the target area. The cooling performance is typically specified in terms of airflow (measured in cubic feet per minute or cubic meters per hour) and static pressure (measured in millimeters of water).

4. Size and Mounting: Brushless fans come in various sizes, ranging from small fans used in electronic devices to larger fans used in industrial applications. They are available in different form factors, such as square, rectangular, or circular, with mounting holes or brackets for easy installation.

5. Control and Speed Regulation: Brushless fans usually include built-in control circuitry for speed regulation. This can be accomplished through PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control or voltage control. Speed regulation allows the fan speed to be adjusted based on the cooling requirements of the system or to balance cooling performance and noise levels.

6. Longevity and Maintenance: Brushless fans are known for their long operational life due to the absence of brushes that can wear out. They generally require minimal maintenance, although occasional cleaning of the fan blades and removal of accumulated dust can help maintain optimal performance.

Brushless cooling fans are widely used in various applications, including computer systems, electronics, telecommunications, automotive, industrial equipment, and more. They play a crucial role in dissipating heat and ensuring the reliable operation of heat-sensitive components or systems.

Generally used in system, panel box etc to keep the system cool.

  • Size: 3 × 3 x 1inch (80 x 80 x 25mm
  • DC: 12V 0.18A
  • Blades : Maximum air flow.
  • Very low noise
  • Material: hard plastic.
  • Color: black.
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