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EGO Cutter Wire Stripper High Quality

EGO Cutter Wire Stripper High Quality
EGO Cutter Wire Stripper High Quality
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A wire cutter and stripper is a versatile tool used for cutting and stripping the insulation off electrical wires and cables. It is a must-have tool for anyone working with electrical or electronic projects. Here's a brief overview of how a wire cutter and stripper works:

  1. Cutting Wires: The wire cutter portion of the tool is used to cleanly cut wires to the desired length. This ensures a clean and even cut without damaging the wire's conductive core.

  2. Stripping Insulation: The wire stripper portion of the tool is designed to remove the outer insulation or sheathing from electrical wires. It typically has multiple-sized notches or holes to accommodate different wire gauges. To strip the wire, you insert it into the appropriate notch, squeeze the handles, and then pull the wire through. The tool's blades cut through the insulation, allowing you to remove it easily, leaving the bare wire exposed.


  • Fine finish
  • Durable standard
  • Reliable performance
  • Induction Hardened

Other Details:

  • Multi gauge wire stripper & cutter with comfortable Vinyl Gripe
  • Screw adjuster to preset wire size for removing the insulation
  • Made of High grade alloy steel, Induction Hardened for durability

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