Drill machines are wide used for various streams. For drilling, tips are hard metal which are pointed for digging of perfect track. Drill machines vary from size to size and accordingly tips are arranged and fitted to it. Small drilling machines are perfectly used for drilling tracks for embedded circuits respectively. Their assembly will further help in hardware completion and output.

We especially have a pack of bits and tools which are easily fitted into drill machines. Their hard core creates a strong aligned hole for perfect match. Online electric drilling machine in India is widely spread at our various stores make sure to purchase only TECHDELIVERS®. Effective use and durability is our main aim. Shipping convenience is catered for better connectivity to our customers.

Products we cater are best suited for commercial and industrial sector. Products we have are MB120, MB130, MB140, MB150 drill machines / Rotary Tools, MINISETs, Hand rotary tool,. These were the types of drilling machines which will be briefly explained further.

Difference Between MINI DRILL Machines

Since years, we are selling PCB Drills / Rotary Tools, there are many models available users are always having one question in mind what's the difference between all these models. Almost they all work the same, beside the ease and precision of work differ as per price. Now all we have is MB120, MB140, MB130, MB150 models currently, each model features are almost the same whereas differing the accuracy and design. Moreover you can take a look of available models here as well as the best possible customizable options for the product in our store.

Below stated is the information regarding each model we have.

Types of Micro Drill Machines
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Micro Drill Machine MB120

PCB Micro Drill MB120 comes with 2 colletes having holding capacity (0.6mm-1mm) to (2.1mm-2.5mm), spindle locking mechanism is pin type. Good for beginners.

Micro Drill Machine MB140

PCB Micro Drill MB140 comes with 2 colletes having holding capacity (0.6mm-1mm) to (2.1mm-2.5mm) spindle locking mechanism is pin type. Good for experts.

Micro Drill Machine MB130

PCB Micro Drill MB130 comes with 3 colletes having holding capacity (0.6mm-1mm), (2.1mm-2.5mm), (3.0mm-3.2mm) spindle locking mechanism is out ring type more precision. Good for experts.

Micro Drill Machine MB150

A rotary tool is a versatile and precision-oriented power tool designed for a wide range of tasks that require cutting, grinding, polishing, engraving, or drilling. The key feature of this tool is its DRILL CHUCK system (similar to wall drill machines), which allows for secure and precise clamping of various attachments and accessories.

PCB Drill MB150 does not require collet as it has DRILL CHUCK system having holding capacity 0.6mm to 3.2mm, spindle locking mechanism is pin type.

The above information is regarding drill machines only power supply (having reverse-forward-speed-control) is to be purchased additionally.

One rotation- One speed type SMPS power supply adapters included models are also available take a look.